History of Dyers Association Tirupur

History of Dyers Association Tirupur


In the year 1985, Tirupur Dyers Association was formed and subsequently the name was changed as Dyers Association of Tirupur.


It is a Society formed for the welfare of the dyeing units


It was registered under Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act, 1975.


Dyers Association of Tirupur Represents 700 Dyeing & Bleaching units functioning in Tirupur in the state of Tamilnadu, DAT was formed under the Leadership of CHairman Khandasamy & & Mr. Palanisamy. There are around 700 members in the association, whose support co operation, committement refers to the successful functioning of the organization.

Why Tirupur

Tirupur is an industrial city located about 450kms from Chennai. Tirupur is famous as one of the top export centre in India with an estimated export turnover of Rs 25,000 crores per year in the hosiery segment which is around 70% of india's total export in this field. in addition, this idustry provides employments to five lakhs labours directly and indirectly

The units engaged in the dyeing and bleaching operations of the yarn and fabric, form the backbone of the garment industry

Our appeal to the public

Of late our industry is going through rough phase, we have been behind the development of tirupur but we bear the brunt of restriction imposed by the pollution control board and judiciary. our appeal to all the segment of public is that we have putting lot of effort and money in making green tirupur. if our industry is stopped from functioning it will have undesirable effect on the life's of people in and around Tirupur. we hope people understand our effort and lend support to us in our tasks in reducing pollution and growth of our industry and city.